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Marram Fine Wines and Spirits is dedicated to being competitively priced and the most knowledgeable beverage distributor throughout Canada. We are focused on providing the best for our customers while developing professional relationships with suppliers and clients alike.

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Helping world class producers build a presence in the Western Canadian market.

We have several wineries and distilleries that we are affiliated with:

  • 689 Cellars - California
  • Merryvale - California
  • Ovid - California
  • Odette - California
  • Plumpjack - California
  • Quintessa - California
  • Faust - California
  • Roco - Oregon
  • Silver Oak - California
  • Napa de Oro - California
  • Oaks and Priest Wine Co. - California
  • Larkin - California
  • Koloa Distillery - Hawaii
  • Leiper's Fork Distillery - Tennessee
  • Casey Jones Distillery - Kentucky

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